Solving The Beginning Three Island Adventures In Poptropica

Early Poptropica

Once you arrive to the island, head to the right until you get to Early Poptropica. The poptropicans here have lost three items: a flag, a water pail along with a pig. They’ll send one to bring these three things that are missing.

First, jump in the well. Jump from platform to platform using cartons until you reach the upper left corner. There is a Glow Stick located there. Pick it up and escape the well. Now, head back and enter the manhole in the ground. Avoiding most of the spiders, get down to the ground and pick up the Prized Porker . Now, enter the tunnel on your own left. Here, your Glow Stick will light the way . Get the Golden Egg (located in the centre of the tunnel) and go upward to find an exit. Then, you’ll find yourself in front of Poptropica Towers.

Leap to the ledge of head for the roof and the primary building. Travel from rooftop to rooftop before you get to the blue building. There, climb to the very top and climb up the vine. When you are up there, click on a set to talk with The Purple Giant. The very top’ll take your Golden Egg as payment. Visit the right and you are gonna discover the Water Bucket.

Keep going to the right until you find a Jet Pack and pass each of the aircrafts. Pick it up and go back to the garden. There, use the jet pack to fly within the spade and go through the “Exit”. You’ll be back on the Main Street and you will land in the very best of the water tower where the Signal Flag’s located. Pick it up.

Head back to return to every one of the three pilgrims and Early Poptropica their items that are missing. A boat will reach the dock, when you return the Signal Flag. Talk to the individual on the boat, and he’ll thank you with the Medallion.

Shark Tooth Island

Arrive on Main Street. Proceed to the right and talk to the sir close to the tent that says “Today’s Special: Coconuts” and the person on the boat will grant you the carbonated coconut milk. Keep running to the right before you’re at the Ancient Ruins. There, climb the vines up to to the 2nd platform on the giant palm tree leading to the medicine man avoiding the giant coconuts, locate the translation key and then jump to the left.

The Temple

Go to the entry that appears like a shark mouth and you’ll enter in the Temple Entrance. Avoiding the bats that are purple, make your path to the left, and find the hieroglyphics. Click them and use the translation key to decipher them. The password is OPEN. Click on the nose and the door will open when you’ve made it. In the Temple Dungeon, get round the golden shark statue while avoiding the giant caterpillar, autumn in the river and visit the left to find the Old Bone, the one in the mouth of the skull. Go back to the gold statue, and get to the top. Jump onto the moving platform and visit the left. Make an effort not to fall off. Once you’ve made it, head to the left to enter in the Temple Treasure Room. There, get the Key Component and leave the ruins through the hole at the top of the room.

The Medicine Man

You are back at Main Street. Run again pass the Ancient Ruins and proceed to the Booga Bay. After that, speak to the man next the tent saying “Grass Skirts” and he can give you one. Go back to the Ancient Ruins and scale the palm tree all the way to the top (be cautious using the falling coconuts). When you get to the top, you will find The Medicine Man. He won’t talk to you, because you don’t look a native of the isle. Place the Grass Skirt on and he will not be unwilling to talk to you. Give him the Carbonated Coconut Milk, the Old Bone as well as the Essential Ingredient. He’ll offer you the Still Potion poured right into a coconut.

Voyage to Castaway Island

Return to Booga Bay, go to right and find the “Feed the Shark” area. Once there, click to the cannon and shoot out the potion of the cannon as well as the shark will eat it and fall asleep. Now you can swim to the right on the other side of the river and go to the Castaway Island. When you’re in there, talk to Professor Hammerhead(the man with all the white beard in the yellow suit), who’ll request that you lead him and the boy to the mainland(Simply walk/run like normal, as well as the Professor as well as the lad will follow you). Go back to Booga Bay and discover the mom of the kid. Professor Hammerhead will thank you with the Medallion.

Time Tangled Island

Main Street

Arrive at Main Street on Time Tangled island. Head to the right and talk to the crying woman scientist. Main will let you know to come inside Pendulum’s laboratory. Go into the laboratory of Pendulum and from there, go down and push the plug. Subsequently jump up and enter the time machine.

Possible Future

You’ll be in Potential Future, a terrible future with smog and destroyed buildings. Go to the left and meet your future self. Talk to him/her and he or she will provide you with a Time Apparatus. Click in the icon in the lower left of your display to make use of the Time Device.

Ancient Greece

They want a gold vase, they have a phonograph. The very first place you need to go is Ancient Greece. There, jump on the roofing of the very first building you see and you will find a Phonograph.

Mali Empire

They need a bag of salt rocks, they will have the Declaration draft. Next visit the Mali Empire. Avoiding the snakes, speak with the file guy and go inside of the Timbuktu Inn. He will notice that you don’t have any money so he’ll inquire if you could piece together a puzzle. Do it and you will get the Declaration of Independence draft.

Da Vinci’s workshop

They need a laptop, they have the Peace Medal. Go to Da Vinci’s WorkShop and go as much as the pulley system and bound onto the highest stage. Wait until it goes down, then leap onto the lowest one. Subsequently, jump to the right, and catch the Peace Medal hanging underneath the wooden deck.

Aztec Empire

They need a sun stone piece, they will have some of goggles. When you’re in the Aztec Empire, visit the right, pass the warriors trying to attack you and talk to the old man. The old’ll provide you with a Warrior Mask. Place it on, then speak to the warrior wearing the Goggles who will no longer attack you. He will provide you the goggles.

The Great Wall of China

A stone bowl is needed by them, they have an amulet plus some gunpowder. In the Great Wall of China time period, go to the far right then climb up in the construction zone, to get the Gunpowder, go right, and speak with the guy sitting down. He’s got the Amulet. Conquer and he’ll give you it.

The Graff House

The Declaration draft is needed by them, they will have a bag of salt rocks. Within the building, go in The Graff House and give the Declaration of Independence draft to Thomas Jefferson. After that, visit the very top of the building and get the Salt Rocks which are about the chimney.

Lewis & Clark’s Expidition

The Peace Medal is needed by them, they have a stone bowl. In the Lewis and Clark Lewis is, given the Peace Medal by time period. Go to the top of the tree in which a beaver is popping in and out of the tree and has the Stone Bowl, before you leave. To grab it, jump in the beaver in the instant he’s planning to glance out or catch him while he’s going back in his hiding area.

Menlo Park, New Jersey

They desire a phonograph, they have a sun stone piece. Go to Edison’s Workshop and go in the workshop. In there, locate Thomas Edison and give him the Phonograph. Then return outside, visit the left and find the cart. Click to the wheel to get it follow and move it until it stops. Afterward, bound from the handcart to the tree and in the tree to the very top of the building. The Sun Stone Piece is up there on one of the chimneys.

Building of the Statue of Liberty

A statue model is needed by them, they have a laptop. In the Statue of Liberty time period, head to the top of the Liberty structure and bound to the left. You may land on one of to ledges. The Notebook is going to be on the lower one.

Mount Everest

They require a set of goggles, they will have a statue model. Proceed to the Mount Everest time period and climb the mountain until you find Edmund Hillary. Give him his Goggles and continue climbing up the mountain. You will finally get to the top, and once you done it, you will find the small study model.

The Vikings Span

An amulet is needed by them, they’ve a gold vase. Go to the Vikings interval. Then go around the sealed cave and click on it to use the Gunpowder so you can enter and blow up the rocks. The next component is a timed labyrinth game. You have find the vase before your torch burns out and to browse the cave. Be careful around the pools of water.

Repairing the Times

Now you just need to go back to the times that aren’t repaired and give the things to the individuals who need the items. First, go to the Vikings period and return Thor’s Amulet. Then visit Ancient Greece and return the golden vase. Return to the Mali Empire and discover the trader in the highest part of the building and give the Salt Rocks to him. After that, return to Da Vinci’s Workshop, climb up again and enter Leo’s Workshop. Once in there, find Leonardo Da Vinci and return to him his Notebook. You don’t desire a Glider to complete this isle, although you will be rewarded by him with it. Return to return and the Aztec Empire to the king the Sun Stone Piece. Go back to the Great Wall of China. Pass the construction and give the Stone Bowl. Finally, visit the Statue of Liberty interval, enter the construction house that says “Gaget, Gauthier et Cie”, discover Bartholdi and give him the Statue of Liberty model.

Mission Accomplished

Return to the lab, go inside and turn the future machine in again. You’ll find yourself in the future, but it’s different then before. Make your way using the monorails as well as the floating stages and enter your house, wherever your gonna meet with your future self again. The monorails’ll give you the Island Medallion! Congrats!!!

Bonus Thing!

Visit the Vikings interval and climb up the small mountain. Using the Glider that Leonardo Da Vinci gave you, jump to the right and you’ll float in the atmosphere. Land on the opposite stage and you will find the Viking Suit.


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